Personal Package Rates

Basic Photography - £50 p/h

Bolt-ons (optional extras)

Editing - Prints can be edited artistically in a number of ways.

Prints- Dependant on size, please ask for quote
(Prints can be photographic, canvas or acrylic)

Portraits & Personal Events

Although studio portraits can be stunning artwork they can also sometimes feel a little cold and sterile. What I offer for portraiture is something a little more different and a little more natural.

We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the country, so why not use it to give you a portrait that really brings across your personality?

If you have a favourite place, why not be pictured there, professionally and artistically so somewhere close to your heart is the backdrop instead of a simple coloured sheet?

Photographers spend hundreds of pounds on their backgrounds, I'd rather take advantage of the natural beauty around us to give a background so beautiful no amount of money could replicate it.

So if you have a favourite place in South Devon contact me and set up a time for a truly personal portrait of you, your family, a group of friends... Or even a mixture of them all. You hire me for an hour and recieve ALL the images taken in that time in digital format with no limit to how many you'll have except for how many we can fit in, so you could even club together with friends or have a family day out.

I'll happily photograph anyone from adults to children, even pets!

I also take regular trips to Exeter, Plymouth, Totnes and other areas, so if you're not sure, drop me a line and ask, I'll tell you if I can make it.

Depending on interest I may also do shooting days where I will advertise on Facebook or Twitter that I'm visiting somewhere with my gear and invite you along. Prices will be less on those days.

Once the photographs are done you can also order prints of all sizes and types. I provide photographic prints of all sizes and also, for those special shots, canvas, acrylic, glass etched or even the ultra modern aluminum mounted option for whatever style suits your home. Framing is also available for standard photo prints.

I also do photographic cover for personal events, parties, christenings, reunions etc.

For an hourly rate I will full cover your entire event to make sure you get a full portfolio of shots that will give you the perfect memories of the day.

For events, as well as all the usual range of prints, I can also provide well crafted unique photobooks of different sizes, shapes and styles to suit the occasion.