Basic Photography - £50 p/h.

Bolt-ons (optional extras)

Image editing - £25 p/h

Web optimising of images - £5 per image

Web storage including gallery - £25

Hard Copy on CD/DVD - £10 (Buy one, get one half price)

Prints- Dependant on size, please ask for quote
(Prints can be photographic, canvas or acrylic)


Do you have tiny products that don't show up to their best potential in ordinary photos? Are you an artist creating or selling things that are mere inches high and packed with details that you wish you could flaunt to prospective buyers?

Thanks to some specialist equipment the perfect photographic solution is here, just a quick contact away.

Macro photography is something that can bring you completely different photographs than from any standard shoot, and it's something of a speciality for me. It's a highly popular medium because of its unique images and never fails to impress.

Using macro-specific kit you'll get photos that give more detail than even the human eye can see easily, getting so close in that something a mere inch and a half across will fill the frame, giving you a photo that can be printed at sizes you won't believe, 30 times bigger than lifesize and beyond.

This means that even if you sell small intricate items like jewellery, artwork or engraving it's a snap to give you a detailed, pin-sharp image of your wares that can be used to drag in your customers and show them the equisite craftwork you're providing.

Macro photography also makes your items stand out from the background by using a very narrow depth of field, a photographic term covering how much of the image is in focus.

Used professionally this means you can be precise, to within a millimetre, with exactly what you want to be visually shouting to anyone looking at the photo.

Even cluttered backgrounds can vanish as they melt out of focus behind the sharp lines of your product, popping it out of the image and almost screaming "look at me".

This type of photography is also highly useful in floral images, so if you're a florist looking for artistic advertising shots this is the perfect answer.

So, take advantage of the macro speciality I provide and get in touch for jaw-dropping, eye catching images that will always make people take notice.