Basic Photography - £50 p/h.

Bolt-ons (optional extras)

Image editing - £25 p/h

Web optimising of images - £5 per image

Web storage including gallery - £25

Hard Copy on CD/DVD - £10 (Buy one, get one half price)

Prints- Dependant on size, please ask for quote
(Prints can be photographic, canvas or acrylic)


You're putting on a festival, a carnival or a historical re-enactment, hoping it'll be the event of the year for the local area... and what you really want is a record of everything that went on, for next year's advertising, for brochures and grant proposals, maybe even because you want a good load of memories to keep from a successful day, weekend or even, for those strong of heart, week.

The problem with trying to get your own shots in events like these is that you're keeping track of everything that's going on and doing your job as one of the organisational people in a high-vis jacket and name badge making sure the bands, morris dancers or Vikings (delete as applicable) stay out of the pub.

Instead, you can have a professional keeping tabs on everything that's going on and won't miss a single photogenic moment, be it the clash of swords, the clap of the crowd after a rousing number or that moment the orchestra's conductor trips off stage and damages his wind section.

Keeping track of an event is more than just aiming a camera at the stage, it's capturing moments and memories that'll never happen again, even if the same acts return the following year. You can have more than just a handful of jpgs, you can have a full storyboard of the entire occasion containing hundreds of photographs for you, your acts and your fans to enjoy poring over, along with hopefully introducing more fans for the next year.

If you want to hire me for any of these services, please get in touch using one of the methods on the contact page, I'll be delighted to give you an individual quote, at very reasonable rates.

If you're not sure if your needs are covered here or have a question about any of the costs or work involved then I'll be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

I can promise you won't be disappointed by the end product and will hopefully return again with more photographic needs.