Basic Photography - £50 p/h.

Bolt-ons (optional extras)

Image editing - £25 p/h

Web optimising of images - £5 per image

Web storage including gallery - £25

Hard Copy on CD/DVD - £10 (Buy one, get one half price)

Prints- Dependant on size, please ask for quote
(Prints can be photographic, canvas or acrylic)


Whether you want to be the next big thing or the hot local property for pub gigs then a good band needs good shots to show off it's attitude and stage presence.

You can get everything from staged cover shots and promotional pics to live action snaps of your band in action, whether it's outdoors at a festival or indoors in even the smallest of local venues, you can get the shots you need for your advertising, your website, even your own memories. If they're for web use you can even have them edited and optimised to make the most out of your bandwidth.

You can also have shots edited and photoshopped how you want them to look to fit your image. Bright and poppy? We'll boost those colours and make you spring from the page like a rainbow of sound. Dark and rocky? In that case lets go for some slightly grainy black and white shots, perhaps with just one colour brought through for emphasis...

High-key or low-key, you'll end up with the shots you want matching your brand and your personality perfectly.

If you want to hire me for any of these services, please get in touch using one of the methods on the contact page, I'll be delighted to give you an individual quote, at very reasonable rates.

If you're not sure if your needs are covered here or have a question about any of the costs or work involved then I'll be happy to hear from you and answer any questions you may have.

I can promise you won't be disappointed by the end product and will hopefully return again with more photographic needs.